Friday, May 16, 2014

Extended Day Buildings and Bugs!

During extended day we like to get creative, build structures, look for bugs (or create them).  All the while we talk about working together, taking turns, being kind to our friends, and are working toward an end of the year party.

Boxes can sometimes be more fun than the actual toys or items that come in them.  We explored this theory by breaking the boxes down and building our own little city.  With tape and a little teamwork we built our own little city.

Then we went outside to look for caterpillars.  They we scarce, so we made our own.  First we gathered twigs for our caterpillars to crawl on. Then we found some heavy duty wood glue, aligned some pom-poms, topped them off with some googly eyes and voila, we have caterpillars! 

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