Friday, October 24, 2014

KB Sukkot Memories

Kitah Bet friends were so happy to be back at school with each other after our Sukkot break.
We spoke about Sukkot at circle times and shared some highlights and memories.

Rami: "I made a Sukkah with my Daddy."

Ari E: "A Sukkah: Daddy made a Sukkah."

Sam E. "My Mommy Daddy at the festival. A little guy stomped on my finger."

Levi: "I went to Shul and danced with my Tatty"

Shaya: "I go on my Tatty's shoulders"

Ari S. "I play with Aba & Ima"

Noa: "I danced with the Torah"

Pearl: "I danced really fast with my Daddy"

Henia: "Debra and Emma came to my house. I eat strawberries"

Hannah: " I eat in my Sukkah"

Ruth: "I eat yogurt and brownie in my Sukkah"

Kitah Alef is Busy Busy Busy

It is delightful to see all the children back after the break. They have grown so much! We have been talking about Noah's Ark - Tevat Noah. On the light table we made an ark and put many animals inside. We also have a large carton that the children can climb into and we have put some of our animals inside. Kitah Alef loves making music outside on the pots and pans that are hung on the fence. We are singing many songs with the children both in Hebrew and English. We are counting the animals in the ark, leaves from the trees we collected, and our collection of shells. Please bring in objects we can count with the children to start our counting collection. We are learning to stay seated during our snack and lunch time. Kitah Alef is learning the colors - especially primary colors. We will be creating works of art with two primary colors at one time. Sammy really enjoyed painting this week at the easel. Caleb and Ezra also enjoyed sharing one side of the easel to create their artwork. Tehila enjoys time outside in the sandbox. Tehila and Sammy are becoming great friends! It is wonderful to see the children connecting and developing deeper connections. Evan and Ezra showed great climbing skills this week outside, going up and down the climbing wall. Please email me with any questions, comments or concerns -
Welcome back everyone!

Of Flowers, Kugels, Kiddush Cups and Shabbat

Our community Shabbat dinner  is tonight and this week we were busy preparing for it!  We discussed preparing for guests and how some of us  celebrate Shabbat.  It seems that food and being with family is what stands out the most,  and that is how we are celebrating it tonight too.  We chose to make a "Kugel" traditional shabbat food, or "kugela" as Jules pronounced it.  We hope our Kugel is delicious, we followed a detailed recipe with many steps and measurements to be considered.  Whenever we cook or bake we use the time to inquire, hypothesis and make predictions about different ingredients, how they will pour and even about what the purpose of a specific ingredient might be. 
We also designed and created sparkling kiddush cups which took a lot of concentration- how can I glue down my pattern without the glue dripping? How can I stick this piece on without smudging the work I just completed on the other side? Were some of the tricky details the children had to work out for themselves, with a friends advice or with input from Morah.  This all with the fine motor skills and hand eye coordination being strengthened. A wonderful project indeed!
Lastly you will see the most beautiful flower arrangements on the Shabbat table, truly befitting a special meal.  Those were all designed and put together by Kitah Gimmel with the help of Barbie, Reyn's Grandmother.  It is such a treat when our special people come into our classrooms to share their unique talents, of which Barbie has many. Than you!    We  first examined all the vase jars and matched them by sizes, we also closely examined all the different flowers using our senses of touched, smell and sight and discovered mums have strong scents!  "Don't forget the flowers need water!" our children don't forget the details. 
They all turned out beautiful thanks to the artistic eyes of our Kitah Gimel class!
We hope everyone has a wonderful Shabbat tonight!
Morah Risa and Morah Debby

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shabbat and Laughter in KDH

KDH discussed last week's Parshat Beraishit. Hashem created the world in six days and rested on the 7th. We celebrate Shabbat commemorating Hashem's work and rest. This Friday night IJP will have a shabbat meal together. We asked the class what they felt was most important and what we could contribute to this event. "Let's make challah!" they cried. "What else?"  "Challah covers!" was the immediate response.

KDH braided and knotted and made rolls for everyone!

On to Challah covers..... Stenciling, stamping, choosing colors, painting.......

Each child planned and designed their own challah cover. And now for the humor... I handed Adaya the kiddush cup stamp and showed her where the top of the cup was. Adaya placed the stamp on its side on the bottom of the cloth. I asked Adaya, "Did you want it like this?" "Yes," she smiled at me. "Why?,"
Adaya smiled again and answered, "Well that's what it is like at our house!"

This morning when Adaya came in, I asked her if she wanted her Abba to take it home. I handed the Challah cover to him and said, "Look at this and notice the fantastic sense of humor that Adaya has." He looked at it and noticed the kiddush cup on its side. Immediately, Mr. Malka responded, "Well, that's what it's like at our house!  Lots of spills....."
......and lots of good cheer.         Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Ruth

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Yonah and the Big Fish in KDH

Gail and I continue to watch and listen to the children and are awed by their creativity and imagination. Today we had such a "moment." ,,......
Before Yom Kippur we talk about the Haftorah reading of Yom Kippur afternoon, the story of Yonah, the prophet. The children can tell you the themes of the story, "You cannot run away from Hashem," and "We are forgiven if we regret our mistakes, resolve not to repeat them, and beseech Hashem for forgiveness."
As parent, Miriam Lipskier related, "I have seen many depictions of Yonah, from over the years. The one from this year is a new one. It's different!" Gail and I chose this version (from the Chinuch website) because it included a gift wrap/paper towel roll in it. The children are always using the ones in our art recycling tray, making all kinds of creations. We thought they'd enjoy this too. Looking through the rolls and seeing Yonah would be fun.

The children cut out the fish, dot painted with cork, pompoms and sponge brushes. Then they colored Yonah using color pencils and finally cut him out along the circle with special pointers. Next, we assembled Yonah in the big fish.
The children were very excited to look into the fish. They all peered inside and saw Yonah.
Motty took his fish and put it up to his ear. He said, "I am listening to Yonah davening!" Luba went on, "He's is asking Hashem to forgive him!" Great idea, Motty! 
What a fantastic way to use the "fish" and recall the story of Yonah.

Morah Ruth