Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mother's Day Celebrated

It was a few weeks ago, but not forgotten, what a joy we had at our Mothers Day Celebration in our classroom. 
First the moms and special guest arrived into our classroom. They recieved their gifts that we made for them, sharing our love of books and reading; a book mark! 
Then we sat at the table to makeflower arrangements to take home for our Shabbat table.  We also had some time to play with  tray activities with our moms.

We had a fun time playing our group game, "guess which quote your child commented about you". 

We went outside to play on the ship waiting for the rest of the school to come out .We sang our shabbat songs with the entire school onstage and ate yummy snacks that the children prepared.
We had a great day celebrating our moms.... graduation Day is next...Stay Tuned!!!   

Butterflies for Kitah Gimmel

Mazal Tov its 4 new butterflies born in Kitah Gimmel !!!

On Monday morning the children were so happy to see the butterflies that emerged from their chrysalis. 

 After snack we went outside to let the butterflies fly!

Some sweet comments flew around us like a butterfly:

They are going to look for their mommy,

They are going to have a play-date on a tree
They are going to look for nectar
They are exercising their wings
They are flying to the sun 
We will miss them!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Decorating for Shavuot

The students of extended day have been given the honor of creating props for our end of the year performance and the upcoming holiday, Shavuot. First, we built mini models of Har Sinai then we upscaled it to one giant mountain. Because the Isrealites found the mountain in full bloom, we decided to decorate the mountains with beautiful flowers of our own.  Painting the flowers was fun, but we really had a blast with the spray bottles outside. We hope you like our creation! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Extended Day Buildings and Bugs!

During extended day we like to get creative, build structures, look for bugs (or create them).  All the while we talk about working together, taking turns, being kind to our friends, and are working toward an end of the year party.

Boxes can sometimes be more fun than the actual toys or items that come in them.  We explored this theory by breaking the boxes down and building our own little city.  With tape and a little teamwork we built our own little city.

Then we went outside to look for caterpillars.  They we scarce, so we made our own.  First we gathered twigs for our caterpillars to crawl on. Then we found some heavy duty wood glue, aligned some pom-poms, topped them off with some googly eyes and voila, we have caterpillars! 

Circles in Kitah Alef

KA explored circles this week. We pointed out all of the circles in the classroom and even spotted some outside! The kids loved talking about the shape and discovering all the types of circles. Drums are circles, we can paint with circles, circles are in the sand box... The best circle is made with a bubble!!!