Wednesday, March 25, 2015

100th Day in KDH

KDH counted, counted and counted. Last Thursday, we finally reached 100. We celebrated painting 100 dots, making 100 day glasses, exercising with 100 jumps. There was so much to do...We continued on day 101 using the 100 items that each child had brought in to make art and count 100 cheerios for necklaces.

 painting to 100

100 day math manipulative activities

 100 day glasses

counting by 5's and 10's

 101 day art

counting cube activity

. 100 science taught us that 100 drops of water is actually only one teaspoon!

Morah Ruth

Friday, March 20, 2015

These are a few of KB's Favorite Things!

The making of our Sun-prints for the Art Auction. 

1. We gathered our Sunprint paper, acrylic sheet, a tray filled with water, and we chose our favorite toys.

2. We arranged our objects on a piece of Sunprint paper and left it out in the sun for about 10 minutes.

3. We rinsedyour Sunprint in water, watched the white turn into blue and the blue turn into white!

5. We put our Sunprint flat on an absorbent surface and allowed it to dry.

6. Our Sunprints on display at the Art Auction.

The Morning after the Art Auction, the google doodle was a Sunprint!

March 16 would have been Anna Atkins 216th birthday. Atkins used a version of "sun-printing" to create a book of photographed botanical specimens. The method she used is called the Cyanotype technique. It is an iron-based chemical method that created a white image appearing on a blue background. Exposure to sunlight is required for the process to work correctly, hence "sun-printing".

Morah Leah

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Matzah Painting, Spring Nature Walk, and Pesach Jam Session - Kitah Alef

 Kitah Alef ventured out into the lovely spring air this week. We painted with brown paint and rollers to make "Matzot". Everyone enjoyed painting outside.

 Caleb and Annabelle made an extra painting outside. Annabelle: "I want pink!" Caleb: "I want red!"

 With the weather so nice we decided to go on a nature walk to see what we could find in the garden.
 The children found smooth pebbles. Sammy: "I put them in my pocket."
 We also found a rosemary bush. Morah Myriam: "Can you smell the rosemary?" Caleb: "I smell it!"
 Morah Myriam: "Should we take some back to the classroom?" Sammy: "Yes!"

There were yellow flowers. Caleb: "Yellow!"
 We brought some rosemary back to the classroom and everyone had a turn smelling it.

 Tehila, Evan, and Ezra watched us from inside the classroom. The children made faces at eachother through the window.
 On Wednesday we had a special treat. Evan's Daddy, Paul, came in to play his electric guitar for us! He even brought in his amplifier. The children danced and we sang "Where is Baby Moses", "Old McDonald", and "Let My People Go!"
The children each had a turn strumming the guitar. Morah Myriam (pointing to guitar) "What is this?" Ezra: "One, two, three..." Sammy: "It's red." Caleb (pointing to arm of guitar) "It's black!" Evan's Dad also sang us a song about everyone's shirts. "Tehila's shirt is green" (Tehila drums on her drum) "Sammy's t-shirt is wonder girl"  Morah Myriam: "What is your favorite song?" Caleb: "Ee Ay Oh!"

Cups in Kitah Gimmel

Cups and lids, simple as that!
We brought in cups and lids one day and put them out on our table. 
That’s it.  The yeladim were drawn to it as soon as they came into the classroom …it opened up some incredible discoveries…

It was a social time for a group of 3 to gather and have conversation and ‘coffee’ together (friendship and conversational skills building) …

It became a discovery time on seeing what fits in the cups (spacing and problem solving skills) …

It was an observation of modeling (“This is how my mommy likes it!”)…

It became a stacking time, first with lids then without (fine motor, spacing, and balancing)…

It became a counting and matching activity….

It became an experiment and observation of tilting and stacking, jiggling and leaning (fine motor, problem solving, balancing skills) ….

Learning occurs in the simplest things and in the yeladim's own hands!