Thursday, February 4, 2016

KDH Keeps Building Bridges

KDH continues to love building, especially bridges. They also are very busy using all the recyclables to create satellites, rocket ships, boats, cars, etc. Morah Sara and I decided to combine both these interests and present them with a challenge.

One morning, we set up a collection of recyclables: toilet paper rolls, squeezy apple sauce caps, cardboard, and wood chips, together with paint stirrers, popsicle sticks, yarn and colored tape. We asked the children if they could build a bridge together using these materials. Well...

In a word: WOW!!

The children set out to work and built a large circuitous bridge, traveling over train tracks, with many ramps to enter and exit at different places. There was also a boat bridge and a bridge under a waterfall. We took the bridge (carefully) off the table that they had built it on and placed it on top of a very large long box.

I brought in microcars and trucks and the children enjoyed traveling along their amazing bridge!

Morah Ruth
Morah Sara

It's Raining in Pre KA

When we came to school on Wednesday, the children couldn't help but notice and be intrigued by the rain that was pouring down outside. The children kept on going to look out the windows and doors to watch and admire the rain. 

Yonah even managed to venture outside to get a feel of the rain
Since we couldn't exactly go out and play in the rain, we decided to bring the rain to us, in our classroom. We filled our sensory bin with water and put in all sorts of sponges, cups, spoons, and scoopers. 

We even used a Colander to make rain in the sensory bin. The children took turns using the colander to make it rain.
Eli put his hand under to get a feel of the 'rain'

Then we added some blue and purple liquid watercolors to the water. The children watched intently as the watercolors started mixing and swirling in the water, and stuck their hands and utensils in the places where the colors started mixing in. 

Adom poured his water from one cup to the other. And plenty on the floor as well! :)

We made rain pictures with the colorful water from our sensory bins, using the utensils from the bin to place the water onto the paper.

Levi figured out that he could use one of the sponges to make his picture!

We then added some soapy bubbles to the water! The children started excitedly saying "bubbles, bubbles!" and started splashing the bubbles around. The children each took turns adding some bubbles to the bin as well. 

When we were all done, Yonah and Eli decided to take the mop and try and help to clean up! Thanks Eli and Yonah ;)

 What a wonderful, wet rainy day it turned out to be! 
(And don't worry, we changed all of their clothes at the end ;)
Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Preschool Tape Challenge

 What can be done with simple lines of tape? So many things!  We can line up on them, jump on only one color, hurdle them all, and measure our bodies! We had a lot of laughs while each child came up with a new, creative way to play with the tape.  Who knew they would be so much fun!

Sammie can jump far and high!

Annabelle likes to take her time while jumping only on the purple lines. 

Ilan's body is really long!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Planting and Digging with Kitah Alef

 Last week and this week Morah brought sand with lima beans and sticks into the classroom. We went digging for the lima beans in the sand. Sylvia collected a few in her hands.
 We decided to plant the lima beans in little cups filled with dirt. Each child received a cup with his/her name on it and planted three lima beans in the soil.
                        Morah Myriam: "Did you plant a bean?" Sylvia: "Yes, I planted one!"
 Zoey carefully pushed her lima beans into the soil one by one. Each child had a turn planting.

                                                   Yisroel: "I planted it, I planted it!"
         After everyone was finished planting the beans, we placed them on the window sill.
 Morah Myriam: "Will it grow? What will it be?" Sylvia: (pointing to the window) "Yes! A Tree!"
                                         We can't wait to see what happens next!
           (Sing to tune of London Bridge)
            Plant a seed and water it,
water it, water it
Plant a seed and water it
Then we'll watch it grow   
Make sure that its in the sun
in the sun, in the sun
Make sure that its in the sun
Then we'll watch it grow!