Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy chanukah! video video

Chanukah Happenings in Kitah Bet

Chanukah has filled the room in Kitah Bet. The children have been spinning dreidels, lighting our wooden Menorah and flipping pretend latkes. We have painted with chanukah shaped sponges, besswax and dreidels dipped in paint. We each created our very own unique menorah from clay, rolled it in glitter and sealed it with mod podge. It is a real menorah that we can use to light on Chanukah.
We have looked at pictures of the Temple and painted a wall of the Temple as a background for our chanukah center. We also have a cave in our classroom. Why? .

Here is the story of Chanukah in the words of the children:

Morah: Many years ago in Israel, what did the Jewish people love to do?
Pearl: Take out the Torah
Shaya: Shabbos and Torah
Morah: King Antiochus said "no Shabbat, no Torah"
Noah: "No Sukkah"
Morah: How did they feel?
Sam: They were mad
Leiba: Sad
Morah: Matisyahu and his 5 brave sons said we wont listen. What does brave mean?
Henia: you can be brave in your house and lock your door.
Morah: Where did they learn Torah?
Sam: In a cave
Henia: In a tent
Morah: What did they do if the soldiers came?
Leiba: They hide their Torah
Shaya: Play dreidel
Morah: When they went into the Temple and saw the big mess what did they do?
Shaya: They cleaned up.
Leiba: They had a little bit of oil and a big fire came out.

Morah Leah

Make Me a Channukia - Kitah Alef

 In Kitah Alef we are exploring different ways of making and decorating Channukiot (Menorahs) The children worked on scratching off the blue color from a ready made Channukia to reveal a shiny surface underneath. They were able to scratch lines and their own designs on the Channukiot.
Here Caleb works diligently to scratch off the blue color on each candle. The children are learning how to hold the stick properly in order to get the best results on their Channukia.
 Later we worked on painting popsicle sticks with a bright yellow color. We will be gluing those sticks down today for a special Channukia. The children turned the popsicle sticks in the paint and also used small brushes to apply the paint. Of course painting on the tablecloth directly was most fun for some.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Outdoor Dramatic Play and Math

What a beautiful day it was today. KDH came outside at the end of a very busy morning of Chanukah fun. The Mad Scientist aka Rabbi Sollish had visited, we had our Chanukah Show and Tell and some of us had made our Chanukah menorahs. 
Cassidy found some of the bottles that are filled with colored water. She set up a roadside shop along our bike path. "I'm selling drinks," she announced. The children came along and purchased drinks. Luba tried out one flavor. "How much does it cost?" she asked Cassidy. Cassidy replied, "It's two dollars." Luba  handed Cassidy a five dollar bill and received three dollars in change. Luba liked it so much, she came back and ordered more. "I need seven more drinks for my family." she said. After taking them home, Luba came back for two more. "How many have you ordered all together?" I asked Luba. That's 1 plus 7 plus 2. Luba counted it up and declared, "That's ten drinks!" Other KDH children were drawn into the action. They found the other bottles around the playground. "Here is the green sour apple," said Motty as he put down the green bottle. "We found pink strawberry," added Ziva. "Can I please have the aqua fruit punch?" asked Eli. "The green apple is good." chimed in Perly. "Here is my seltzer bottle to add to the drinks." offered Sholom. A few of the children wanted to take bottles. When they were told that only "cups" were being sold, they happily cooperated and left the bottles with Cassidy. Ziva offered to help Cassidy sell and serve which Cassidy accepted. After a few minutes we had all the bottles collected together.  We counted them up. We had 12 bottles. A fantastic selection. 

And a fantastic time. Dramatic play. Math. Cooperative play. Learning while playing outside. 

Morah Ruth

Friday, December 5, 2014

Kitah Bet is Thankful

Thank you grandparents and special people that came to IJP for our Thanksgiving Feast. It was very exciting to show off our special school, our classroom and to enjoy lunch together.

The children in Kitah Bet shared what they are thankful for:

Hannah is thankful for "Mommy and  Abba"
Levi Groner is thankful for  "my Mommy, Daddy and my sister"
Shaya is thankful for "baby Eli"
Ari Effron is thankful for "toys"
Henia is thankful for "Tatti and Mommy"
Yoni is thankful for "food"
Noa is thankful for "strawberries and lions"
Rami is thankful for "my Daddy"
Ari Shacham is thankful for "Ima!"
Ruth is thankful for "my sister"
Leiba is thankful for "flowers and cheese"
Pearl is thankful for "flowers"