Thursday, September 17, 2015

KDH celebrates Rosh Hashana in school and at home.

KDH children did lots to prepare for Rosh Hashana. It culminated in the classroom with a Rosh Hashana party. We ate round challah and apple dipped in honey and other symbolic foods, which included pomegranates, dates, beets, carrots/tzimmes, and fish heads and fish (crackers). 

When we came back to school after the holiday we asked the children,

"KDH, what did you do over Rosh Hashana?"

Reyn – I dipped the apple in the honey. When Rosh Hashana was over, I had my honey cake because I didn’t have it on Rosh Hashana.
Freeda – I did Tashlich with my Tatty and dipped apples in honey. I gave my Tatty his shofar and helped my mommy bake.
Ilan – I went to Boston to visit my cousins and I went to shul on Rosh Hashana. There were kid’s services I went to.
Dovid – I ate my honey cake on Rosh Hashana and I lit the candle with my mom.
Elijah – I heard the shofar at home, two of my cousins tried to blow it.
Amitai – I went to Granny’s friend’s house and my Granny’s house two times. I dipped the apple in the honey and said the Bracha.
Chana – I helped set the table. I saw the teeth of the fish head, they were tiny.
Tirza – I heard the shofar at my synagogue.
Micah – I went to New York to my cousins.
Jayme – I played outside and climbed the trees with my dad.
Lily – I went to Grannymom’s and Poppy’s house and we planted flowers and had a special party just for G-d. I dipped the apples in the honey and I blew the shofar and said all the blessings.
Mina – I had a little party with my Bubby and got an extra treat. My mom let me have some of Leeba’s honey cake she made at school. We also bought special cookies for Rosh Hashana and I had about five. They had blue sprinkles on them. My Daddy and Bubby ate the head of the fish and I heard Rabbi Schusterman blow all the sounds of the shofar.
Jules – I ate sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies that my mom made.
Lewis – I stayed at home with my dad, mom, sister and dog. I tried my challah.
Rikki – I slept at my Uncle Dovid’s house. He has three girls and one boy. I played with Sima and Luba, Luba Levin. Uncle Dovid went to see if the museum was open on Rosh Hashana but it wasn’t. Motty only ate apple dipped in honey and I only ate pomegranate.

Morah Ruth        Morah Sara

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, World!

     The Kitah Gimmel children know that Rosh Hashannah celebrates the Birthday of the World.  We decided to share our birthday wishes for the world by reflecting about our choices.  We then sat down and created illustrations that depicted our thoughts.  What gift would you give the world?  This is what we decided:

Ari E:  Everyone in the world gets a dog!
Henia:  Everyone could go to a parade!
Rami:  Everyone gets birthday gifts.
Leiba:  Everyone gets a baby!
Ruth:  The world gets pretty pictures.
Noa:  The whole world gets a crown.
Levi:  The whole world gets cake.
Pearl:  The whole world could have my family!
Shaya:  Everyone gets clothes.
Hannah:  The world gets toys!
Mortimer:  Everybody could have  a drum set!
Shlomit:  Everyone gets Mickey Mouse toys!
Sam:  Everyone could have Superman and Batman toys.
Reed:  The world can have a Superman and Spider-Man party.
 Ari S:  The whole world could have a birthday party!
 Yoni:  The whole world gets cake.
 (We know that's doubles on cake.  Obviously, cake is a good thing!)

     The children clearly articulated the specific items that they hold so valuable.  It was delightful to hear how enthusiastically they expressed their desire to share.  What a sweet way to begin our year!

Happy 5776, World!

Morah Susan and Morah Sterny
Kitah Gimmel

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kitah Gimmel Prepares for Rosh HaShannah

Preparing for Rosh HaShannah and More . . .

Enjoy our quick photo gallery of some of our recent class activities:
  • ·         Stamping with apples to create our Shana Tova cards
  • ·         Floor games during Morning Meeting.  (We identify and match Rosh HaShannah-related designs and we replicate a hexagon beehive shape.  We're thinking about delicious honey!)
  • ·         Listening to the Shofar,
  • ·         Playing with Hops on the playground, and so much more . . .
(Above:  Preparing our Shana Tova cards, Below:  Listening to the Shofar--it's loud!)

Above:  Our Circle Time floor games reinforce various Rosh HaShannah concepts--and they're great fun!
And we still have plenty of time to run, climb and explore our wonderful playground.  
 Shana Tov a U'Metuka!
Love, Kitah Gimmel, Morah Susan and Morah Sterny


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scientists at work

Last week we mixed corn starch and water. The result was a ooey gooey substance that acts like a solid when left on the tray or when squeezed together and acts like a liquid if you let it melt between your fingers. 
The children want to see it, touch it, and work with it. The love to explore what happens next, and will add their own ideas.

The next day we squeezed vinegar into baking soda and watched the reaction. Lots of little bubbles as it fizzled like a little volcano.

This week we made our own fun and easy slime. we used beads, googly eyes and other materials to make our own interesting creations, like a man with a nose made out of an eye.

Shabbat Shalom from the KB Scientists. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feet Painting Outside

 Inspired by a video I saw online of children painting with their feet running across a huge canvas on the ground, I could not wait to try it out at camp. A large canvas was placed on our stage outside. There were two trays at opposite corners of the canvas - one with blue paint, the other with red.
 We took off our shoes and the children started to dip their feet in the paint and walked across. Everyone had a smile on their face as they watched the prints made by their very own feet.
 Sammy sat down in the middle of the canvas and took inventory of the many footprints that had already been made by everyone. Caleb: "More paint Morah, more paint!" We refilled the trays and took turns criss-crossing the canvas. Caleb: "I want blue."
 Avraham-Chaim got paint not just on his feet but also his face. Pretty soon the entire canvas was covered with foot shapes of varying sizes. Luckily the pools were ready for us to wash our feet off as needed.

 When we were finished we hung our masterpiece on the fence. The children were all very proud. "We did that!" - Sammy