Friday, March 24, 2017

The Adventures of the Shoeboxes in KB-5

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere"
- Albert Einstein
The imagination of children is an incredible, beautiful thing. Something that in the eyes of us grown-up can seem invaluable or even as just garbage, can be seen as so many wonderful things through the lens of a child and their imagination. 
One day Morah Estee brought in some empty shoeboxes to our classroom, and we placed them in our block area for the children to do with them as they pleased. The many things that the seemingly simple shoeboxes became were amazing, and it was so fun to watch the children come up with new ideas and scenarios each day. 

They became carwashes 

Hats and Superhero masks

Baby cribs

Luggage on the airplane ride

And they even became instruments as part of an impromptu Kitah Bet band that was complete with singing and drumming! 

There is always so much to learn from children and their ability to take something and turn it into something even better. As the saying goes- one man's trash is another man's treasure. In Kitah Bet, we sure do know how to find treasure.
Shabbat Shalom!

It's Funner Together in KB-3

It says it in all the books ;) "In most 2 year olds, parallel play is primarily seen in their play. As the children mature, they start to play with each other."

At the beginning of the year sharing, waiting our turn, negotiating and collaborating was difficult. As morahs, we did our best to guide, model and give  the children the tools to develop these skills. It is a delight to watch the shift happen within our classroom.

The above pictures are a peek at our KB-3 children playing together.They worked together building a magna-tiles castle. Some children held up the tower while other children added new squares. In another picture Shane and Annabel are taking turns throwing the ball to each other. Morning trays are usually a one person activity but often, the children ask to play together, they pull over a chair and make space  for each other and share. 

Morah Leah & Morah Kim

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

There's No Post-Purim Blues Here, Part I

      It was Monday, Shushan Purim, in Kitah Gimmel.  No more costumes, no more silly hats, no more pajama day.  It was time to get down to business--with just a tad bit of silliness.

     The Morahs had done a switcheroo with the furniture.  This made the art table more interesting and the puppet theater more inviting.  The children had taken turns, in groups of three and four, to present little puppet plays. Then the Morahs had a turn.  Oh, the fun--all while encouraging expressive language and story-telling skills.
     On Tuesday, Morah Susan reintroduced Peanut Butter and Jelly by N.B. Westcott.  She sang it through, and we joined in for the chorus and some of the hand motions.  Then, surprise, surprise, all of us had the opportunity to make our own sandwiches!  To be more exact, these were mini-sandwiches with thin, party-sliced bread and some gourmet apple butter.  Yes, this was some left-over Mishloach Manot foods from Purim, and what a perfect way to share.  We didn't want to ruin our appetites, so we prepared our mini-sandwiches after lunch.
     Some of the children told us they had never made a sandwich before.  With the mini-breads, it was easy and fun.  We spread the apple butter ourselves, being careful with the plastic knifes.  We're Kitah Gimmel, we can handle the responsibility!
Because the bread was so small, it was easy spreading the butter from one side to the other.
The entire sandwich fits perfectly in one hand!
     Tasty!  And we made them all by ourselves!
     Both activities, the puppet theater and the peanut butter book/song/food preparation foster literacy through fun.  Yep, we had a good time.

Morah Susan and Morah India, and the boys and girls in Kitah Gimmel

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Those Daffodils!

     We enjoy going outside to investigate our playground.  There's so much to notice!  For more than two weeks, we've watched the daffodils bloom and grow.  At first, there were only one or two.  Then we waited . . .
     We went out again, and again, in small groups.  It was a fun, learning adventure!
     Annika calls out, "I got a seed!"  Annabelle told us, "They hibernate!"  Yannai excitedly calls out, "Look Morah Susan, look!  One is coming out!"  Ezra took a good peek at the greenery and then said, "Some are not in there!"  We waited a few days and then returned.

At first, there was only one or two flowers.  We had to be patient!
     We looked at other greenery, as well.  Becker took a good look at the figs.  "The buds are here!" he told us.
     Yannai went back to get another look at the daffodils:  "Yeah, it's coming out, and another one!"                    Annabelle told us, "I noticed that!  I actually noticed that!"
     Anslee also took a second look at the daffodils, and then she proudly told us, "I touched one!"
    Yinon said, "Daffodils!  I like them!"
     Evan told us, "There's some next to this one."
     Natalie noticed that, "A daffodil is opening up!"  Lily found a small daffodil, "There's a little one growing!"
     Later, Maddy reminded us, "Don't squeeze it!"  Caleb saw that the daffodils were growing not only on the playground, but also behind the gate.  Sammy told us, "The ones that didn't start to grow are still green!"
      We took the daffodils inside our room, so we could enjoy them both inside and outside.  Then we created our observational drawings by sketching with black-ink pens.

(Checking out the figs . . .)
We notice that the rosemary is always there, warm weather or cold.  Why is that?  We have something to think about . . .
We made simple bird feeders with pipe cleaners and Cheerios.  Morah Susan hangs her up.  Caleb also hung one up.  Some of us took the bird feeders home, ready for the birds near our houses to enjoy.

We cut a few more daffodils to enjoy at our Shabbat table.  Some of us thought the daffodils smelled like watermelon, or strawberries.  What do you think?  Stop by, and smell for yourself!
We don't like to waste anything.  The Morahs took home the beautiful cut daffodils that we had enjoyed at our Kitah Gimmel table.  (Pictured:  the daffodils on Morah Susan's Shabbat table.)

Loving the Daffodils,
Morah Susan, Morah India and Kitah Gimmel