Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring in Kitah Gimmel

We are back!  The Kitah gimmel came in on Monday filled with wonderful stories of their Pesachs!  Sharing their special holiday box, singing ma nishtana, finding the Afikomen and eating lots of matzah!

We celebrated the season of spring this week!  We went to say hello to our Figgie tree and was so pleasantly surprised to see so many leaves, different sizes, growing on him!  When we left for Pesach he only had a few little green sprouts.  How did this happen?  What will happen next?  

Our observations:
Meital:  ‘Yeah Figgie!”
Miki:  “So many leaves!  And look a ladybug!”
Reyn:  “He needs a rainbow!”
Jules: “I wonder if the bugs like to land on the leaves”
Jayme: “The leaves are nice”
Dovid “I can make a tree lego!”
Ilan: “So pretty!”
Tirza: “ I like touching it!”
Rikki: “It must be Hashem!”
Freeda: “The butterflies are coming!”
Lewis: “ His brother over there is not growing like Figgie”
Jules “You're growing Figgie!”
Chana: “Figgie is growing!”
Elijah: “Love you Figgie!”

We spent time looking and examining closely our Figgie during the week (during all the rains!) and keeping a record of growth too.  The yeladim decided they wanted to ‘redraw’ him since last time we did it was winter and he looked very different. 
“We love you Figgie!” we started singing and sang throughout most of the day!  What a wonderful surprise to see on our first days back !

Where is the bunny?

 We spent the first week back preparing for a very special addition to Kitah Alef. We talked about rabbits, made paintings inspired by bunnies, read books about bunnies and other furry animals.
 We asked the children what we might need for our new bunny. Caleb: "We need seeds!" Morah: "Where will it live?" Sammy: "On top of the slide." Tehila: "Gam Ani Roza!" (I also want (a bunny))
 What will the bunny eat? Ezra: "Seeds, Strawberries." Sammy: "Blueberries!" What should we name it? Caleb: "Hops." We have yet to decide on a name for bunny, but hopefully that will happen next week.

 Then, finally, bunny came to class! The children were so excited. Kitah Bet came to see what all the fuss was about. Evan's Dad took the bunny carefully out of its cage. The children got to pet it. Morah: "We have to be very gentle with our bunny, we don't want to hurt it."

 Everyone wanted to hold bunny. It was a little scary at first. Annabelle: "Whats bunny doing?"
Ezra: "He is eating my shoe!"

 We will have a sign-up sheet for families who want to take the bunny home for the weekend. Also, we would like to welcome Maddy to our class. She joined Kitah Alef this week and we are thrilled to have a new friend in class. Shabbat Shalom!

Pesach Memories by KB

Welcome back to school!
I hope everyone had a peaceful and fun  pesach break. I spent pesach in New York with some of my family, some of my husbands family and I was lucky enough to be there for the birth and bris of a new nephew (a highlight for me). For my boys, eating ice cream, a Yankees game, a subway ride, visiting Times Square and Statue of Liberty were some of their highlights.

The children shared their Pesach memories:

Leiba: "I went to bubby & zaidy's house. I said the mah nishtana with mommy and daddy and my sister. But Yochi was asleep, he can't do it"

Hannah: "At Colombus. I ate matzah with cream cheese"

Ari S: "mah nishtana then dayenu. I sing with ima and aba and I eat matzah"

Pearl:"I went to bubby's house and then we ate matzah. I played so nicely with my baby. I ate chocolate cookies and matzah and then I sing the mah nishtana"

Ruth:  "I went to Colombus to see Shoshana with my family. I see my cousins"

Henia: "Pearl was sleeping that's why Hashem told me to wake up in the morning. We went to a light show and we went on a big blue airplane."

Noa: "When I was going in Joey's and Lev's house and we were eating matzah and chocolate with no sprinkles on it"

Ari E: "I went to my bubby's house and everything smelled good and Ruthie came to my house"

Sam: "I went to Grammy's house with my mommy and daddy and baby Sella. We ate matzah and chocolate.

Rami: "Henia came to my house"

Yoni: "I saw Mickey Mouse and Minne and I got a Mickey hat. And Goofy. I saw Winnie the Pooh, Tigger. I went with Jacob, Esther, and mommy and me."

Shabbat Shalom
Morah Leah

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Different Kind of Paint in KDH

We are always looking for different ways for the children to express themselves through art and have a variety of experiences. I recently visited another preschool and was looking through their art supplies and artwork. Most of what they had was familiar to me. Then, I found something new! 
Solid Tempera Paints
These paints are solid, come in a tube and glide on easily. ("Almost like lipstick," is what Morah Sara Carter remarked, after seeing them.) The colors are vibrant and can be layered. They dry almost immediately, so there is no need to use a spray to set, like certain pastels. 
We purchased them for our class, and set them aside to use after Pesach break for the April 

Self portraits.

Look at how engaged the children are in this activity! 

We are sure you will agree with us that the results are fantastic!

Morah Ruth

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fruit Salad

Passover just ended. This year we made a lot of fruit salad, some of the children like fruit salad and some don't, consistent with most of their likes and wants; some do and some don't. Besides for much of the food being hit or miss, we had a most peaceful and wonderful holiday altogether as a family along with guests sprinkled everywhere. So what made this holiday different from all other holidays? Where was the bickering, the bantering, the stress and the turmoil that goes hand-in-hand with having many guests, young children and teenagers and twin three-nagers one family? What was different? Nothing. Well something was, that is… Me. And my husband. We sat down and made a very conscious decision to change our perspective, to have a paradigm shift of sorts, in how we look at each one of our children. This made all the difference. Each one of them acted exactly as they always act. You can be sure none of them took time out before the holiday to do deep soul searching and figure out how to make this Yom Tov less stressful, how to be on their A-game. That was us - the adults in their lives. In our house you can say we are a fruit salad of sorts, no I didn't say fruitcake. We are a healthful, colorful and refreshing fruit salad. Filled with the sweet stuff, tart, sour, soft mushy hard prickly and juicy delicious fruits. You get the picture. Each of the children is themselves and always going to be themselves.  It is the choice we the parents make and how we deal with them that makes all the difference. We so often hear others or ourselves bemoan "what do I do with ----- she/he's acting so ---- I am going out of my mind!" Putting the onus on the kid, something about them has got to change. So maybe it is with 8 you just cannot get away with blaming each of them for all your own problems, maybe that is why we took the leap of faith and owned this whole week. And you know, it worked. Nothing was different, it was all the same. They played, they fought, they bantered and laughed, it was wild, loud, messy and crazy- but it was different. It felt good, it felt peaceful, it was enjoyable. I was the Mom, I was in control- of---MYSELF.