Thursday, June 25, 2015

Alef - Bet Yoga and Painting with Kitah Alef

 Kitah Alef spent lots of time painting a big canvas hanging on the fence this week. We used bright colors like blue, purple, pink and yellow. We painted with brushes big and small.
 Caleb: "I made a circle!" Evan: "I made a circle too!" Lily: "I made a heart!" When we came back to camp on Thursday we noticed the canvas looked different.

 The colors blended into each other because of the rain on Wednesday. The painting was even more beautiful. Morah Myriam decided it was time for Alef-Bet Yoga. Everyone had great fun trying different poses with their bodies to make the shapes of the Alef-Bet.
 Morah Myriam: "Can you touch your toes? Let's reach for the stars, stretch!"
 Morah: "Everyone make a "Chet" - very good Evan!" Evan made a great Chet with Morah Tangela.
 Making a "Kuf" was not easy. Morah: "Who can balance like this?" Kitah Alef: "We can!"

Lily did a great job balancing to make her "Kuf".
 Ezra pointing to his favorite letter - "Shin" or "Sin" Ezra: "This one!"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kitah Bet Prepares for Shabbat!

We love Fridays! We prepare for Shabbat in so many special ways and we wanted to share them with you. 
One of the fun activities we do on Friday is make our own challah from scratch.  It's gooey and it's messy - and a whole lot of fun!
Our recipe calls for 6 cups of flour... cup of sugar... cup of oil, two cups of water, 4 packets of yeast and one tbsp salt.

 Then we...


...and mix...

...and mix some more!

When the dough is ready we each get a piece to play with and shape.

We flatten it,

roll it,

and stretch it looooong. A morah puts it in the oven and when it comes out - mmm, it smells so good! We each get our very own challah to take home for Shabbat.

Another special thing we have on Fridays is our class Shabbat party. Wearing the Shabbat necklaces that we made, we light the candles, make kiddush on grape juice and sing lots of Shabbat songs.

After that we have more Shabbat fun at a Shabbat sing-a-long with the whole camp! Mora Rena leads us in Shabbat songs while playing on her guitar, and we can sing and dance along.

The Shabbat angels are peeking through our window...

We love preparing for Shabbat every Friday. Shabbat shalom!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Hops!

 This week we let bunny run around in the playground. The children were very excited to see Hops roaming freely in a large space. Bunny hopped into the sand box and ran across the school  yaord. Maddy: "Bunny!" Morah Myriam: "You see bunny? He is excited to be on the playground. Let's not chase him - he might get scared." It was hard not to chase bunny. The teachers stood guard ready to catch Mr. Hops in case he tried to crawl into a hole somewhere. Morah Ruth picked some peas from the garden for him. All the children wanted to hold him. Tehila: "Ani Roza Lehachzik Oto! (I want to hold him!)"

 Bunny explored all around the playground. What a fast bunny! Finally bunny took a break and rested while chewing on some greenery.

Kitah Bet Memories

It's hard to believe that its the last Friday of the school year.

We talked today about what  some of our favorite things to do and play with in Kitah Bet were.

Pearls favorite thing to do was play with toys. 
Noa loved to play with Hops and with bubbles.
Henia liked when her Bobbe and Zeide were here.
Ari S. loved to play on the slide and with the instruments.
Ari E liked playing with Hops.
Ruth loved to play.
Hannah likes to play with dolls.
Shaya likes to make Torahs.
Leiba loves to paint.
Shlomit said "I like to paint"
Levi loves to talk to Yoni and to eat lunch
Yoni likes to play with the cakes
and Rami likes eating lunch and playing with toys.

The Morahs loved reading, singing and  playing with all the children in Kitah Bet.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The KDH Garden

KDH began the spring planting before Pesach break. The children have been watering the plants and watching and waiting patiently. This week we harvested peas. Kitah Bet is also very excited about our produce and we share it with them.

 Amitai is picking the peas

 Josie and Adaya find some peas too.


 Josie holding the peas for the class. 

 Our tomatoes.

Check out what the onions we planted are doing. It looks like its sprouting a flower.

Our beans will be ready soon too.

We have garlic and cucumbers growing too! It's all very exciting!! What a great way to end the year.

Morah Ruth