Friday, May 18, 2018

Tzedakah Island

Tzedakah Island emerged from the children's combined interests in building and boxes.
Noticing the children's interest in boxes,Morah Yachovah began offering the children more boxes and recycled materials. We set out an experience with those materials along with tape, glue, and scissors.



The children began creating houses and buildings. There were so many buildings and limited storage spacer all these creations. We discussed this problem with the children and the solution we came up with was to stack them. The buildings needed to be secured, so low-temperature glue guns were introduced.The children voted on a name for the box city and Tzedakah Island was the winner.


Next the children painted the buildings and drew doors and windows for the Morahs to cut out. Then Morah Devorah worked with the children to write and make signs for the various businesses, attraction, and locations on Tzedakah Island.

Following this, the children created the residents of Tzedakah Island out of clay and their vehicles out of boxes and lids.

Next, children made maps for Tzedakah Island by drawing roads and gluing blue cellophane for water.The class made a book. Each child made a page. The children noticed a common theme among all of their stories. Each one ended positively, so they chose the title,“Tzedakah Island, Presenting of Good.”  

Some children made still-life paintings of the buildings. Finally, we added lights throughout the buildings.

We look forward to seeing all of you on Siyyum Night!

-Morah Jessica and the Extended Day Staff

Thursday, May 17, 2018

KDH Cookies for Israel

Remember Hurricane Harvey? All the way back at the beginning of this school year, KDH jumped right in to help the Houston victims. We baked challot, sold them, and sent the money with Morah Sara's husband to Houston.

Yesterday KDH was busy with chesed again. This time the children got together and planned how to participate in cookies for Israel. What is cookies for israel? An over 3,000 sq.ft. flag to be made with 100,000 cookies will be put together in Atlanta on June 3rd. 
The entire venture has been underwritten and now the 100,000 cookies need to be sponsored. This will raise $1,000,000 and set a Guinness world record.
The money will be given to three charities in Israel.

 How could KDH get money to join this fundraiser?? We concluded that 
cookies for cookies 
would be fantastic! We would bake cookies and sell them. The money that we earn would be used to sponsor cookies. 
The children came to the kitchen and gathered together all the supplies: flour, sugar, eggs, oil, baking soda, chocolate chips, vanilla and cookie sheets. Next, it was working together around the table, measuring, cracking eggs and mixing. Finally the cookies were ready for the oven. When they had baked we waited for them to cool and packed them up in cellophane bags tied with a blue ribbon.

Becker made the first sale. Miss Donna bought five cookies from him! Annika was so excited that she used her ingenuity to print some money.

The cookies are all packed up waiting for customers. We are proud of the KDH children who are so kind. Using their fantastic baking skills they began a year and ended it caring for others.

Morah Ruth 
Morah Sara

Parshat Bamidbar in KDH

Yannai brought his parents back in again to teach us Parsha. We learned that Parshat Bamidbar, the first parsha in the book of Bamidbar relates how the Jews lived and traveled in the desert. The mishkan was in the middle of the encampment and around it on all four sides - North, South, East and West were the Jewish people, everyone with his/her Shevet/tribe. Around the mishkan were the Levite/Leviim. They carried the Mishkan and its vessels. Moshe was also instructed in how to take a census.

 Yannai's parents discussed with the children N, S, E, and W. They brought in magnets and explained how a compass's magnet is aligned with the earth. Everyone looked at a compass and saw it pointing northward.  This reminded us all of how Avraham had doors on four sides, so guests could come from all directions. 

The children were given an illustration to paint or color and then a magnet to glue on to help us remember what we learned.
Thank you Yannai, Yaarit and Shlomi!!

Morah Ruth
Morah Sara

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Environment of Yes

Intown Jewish Preschool provides a blended montessori and reggio learning experience, allowing the children's learning to be self led and oh, so special. Through our tray exploration, children create stories in small worlds, build with loose parts, explore their senses, and show us a thing or two about what we've provided for them to play with, there really are no limits when independence meets creativity.

Yonah happily builds towers of all different colors!

Mina is counting and placing the candles on the Menorah!

Asher's putting the blue circle into the fence and is pretending it's water!

Leora is showing us many ways to stack the colorful floor puzzle.

Adom is busy working on the construction site. 

Sela is focusing on putting together ALL of the shape puzzles. 

Parker likes to filter the fine sand through his hands. 

Orli can make lines, hand prints, and piles of sand over the light table. 

Mason prefers on giant mound and he can see more light!

Gavi make straight lines and says he's a construction worker!

Liav is figuring out how to build and stack with wooden blocks and triangles. 

So many different trays, so many different opportunities!

Asher's birdie is trying to stand on the branch!

Lily figured out the green rock is round and fuzzy!

Erez is staking the magnetic shapes on top of each other to make a tall tower. 

Lev is wrapping baby Moshe up safely. 

Elliot is finding jewels in the desert sand. 

Kitah Bet's Luxurious Spa Day for the Special Ladies in Our Lives

What do Kitah Bet students love more than their mommies?! Doing special things for them, of course! We have had lotion as a feature of our goodbye circle the entire year. This lotion has a calming scent to it that comes in handy during the part of the day where children are transitioning into either nap or carpool.  The children have always been drawn to this ritual and never seem to miss an opportunity to remind us when we try to skip over it when we run out of time.  Let's face it, Morahs are human, too :) 

We took this as an opportunity to create something, the lotion, that the children connect to, and tied it into our Ladies' Day celebration.  As we thought, the children ate it up, figuratively, of course!

Here, we introduced the ingredients: Coconut oil, beeswax (from bees!), Almond oil, shea butter, and the essential oils cedar wood, lavender, and citrus.  
Almond oil, beeswax pellets, coconut oil, shea butter
Lily didn't mind so much!
Yonah wasn't so sure about touching the beeswax

Leora said, "The beeswax feels like tofu nuggets!"

See how we mix them all together!

Then our special guests came to our classroom! We had a dance party, sang, "Be My Friend," decorated the containers and gave hand massages led by Morah Yael.