Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Hops!

 This week we let bunny run around in the playground. The children were very excited to see Hops roaming freely in a large space. Bunny hopped into the sand box and ran across the school  yaord. Maddy: "Bunny!" Morah Myriam: "You see bunny? He is excited to be on the playground. Let's not chase him - he might get scared." It was hard not to chase bunny. The teachers stood guard ready to catch Mr. Hops in case he tried to crawl into a hole somewhere. Morah Ruth picked some peas from the garden for him. All the children wanted to hold him. Tehila: "Ani Roza Lehachzik Oto! (I want to hold him!)"

 Bunny explored all around the playground. What a fast bunny! Finally bunny took a break and rested while chewing on some greenery.

Kitah Bet Memories

It's hard to believe that its the last Friday of the school year.

We talked today about what  some of our favorite things to do and play with in Kitah Bet were.

Pearls favorite thing to do was play with toys. 
Noa loved to play with Hops and with bubbles.
Henia liked when her Bobbe and Zeide were here.
Ari S. loved to play on the slide and with the instruments.
Ari E liked playing with Hops.
Ruth loved to play.
Hannah likes to play with dolls.
Shaya likes to make Torahs.
Leiba loves to paint.
Shlomit said "I like to paint"
Levi loves to talk to Yoni and to eat lunch
Yoni likes to play with the cakes
and Rami likes eating lunch and playing with toys.

The Morahs loved reading, singing and  playing with all the children in Kitah Bet.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The KDH Garden

KDH began the spring planting before Pesach break. The children have been watering the plants and watching and waiting patiently. This week we harvested peas. Kitah Bet is also very excited about our produce and we share it with them.

 Amitai is picking the peas

 Josie and Adaya find some peas too.


 Josie holding the peas for the class. 

 Our tomatoes.

Check out what the onions we planted are doing. It looks like its sprouting a flower.

Our beans will be ready soon too.

We have garlic and cucumbers growing too! It's all very exciting!! What a great way to end the year.

Morah Ruth

Cheesecake for Shavuot in KDH

How does KDH make cheesecake? We make it with a no bake recipe.
Ingredients: Tea biscuits, cream cheese, milk, instant vanilla pudding, mini chocolate chips.

 Crush the biscuits and spoon into cupcake liners.

Blend cream cheese, milk and pudding. Pour on top of crushed biscuits.

  Top with mini chocolate chips.  Refrigerate.  
Enjoy at Shabbat/Yom Tov party tomorrow.

Morah Ruth

KDH Visit to Robert C. Williams Paper Museum

KDH took a field trip to The Paper Museum at Georgia Tech yesterday. We learned about the history of paper making, saw all the equipment dating back to when it was first made. We learned about which fibrous plants are used to make paper. Additionally, each child got to make their own piece of paper. The paper was made from cotton pulp and water with old shredded money mixed in. Mia told us that she wants to take apart the paper and retrieve the money!

Look at how engaged each of the children were!

Thank you to class mom, Lindy, for arranging the trip and to parent drivers and chaperones, Jaci, Pam, Terry and David. Thank you to David, for being the resident photographer. 
The children loved the trip!! Thanks moms and dads for making IJP the fantastic place that it is.

Morah Ruth