Thursday, June 23, 2016

Baby Bird

 Morah Myriam found a baby bird that had fallen from a nest. We put it in a basket with a blanket so it would be comfortable.
                               The children came to see the bird. Leora: "Birdie! Birdie!"
                            The little bird tried to fly a little but wasn't quite strong enough.
     We gave the bird a little mushed up clementine and apples. Baby bird liked the clementine.

 Levy came over to see the bird too. Morah: "We have to be very gentle with the little bird."

 More children crowded around the basket to see the baby bird. Everyone was very curious.
 The baby bird perched on Morah Myriam's hand. Logan wanted to pet the bird and was very gentle.

 Ana-Chaya also had a turn petting baby bird. And then Levy and Sela came over to see.

 Everyone pointed to baby bird. We decided it was time to find baby's Mommy and Daddy bird.

 After all the children had turns petting the little bird, Morah Myriam spotted birdies' Father who had some food for the little guy. Morah Myriam let baby bird go and he flew away. :-)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Kitah Bet and Fun Bus

We had the privilege of a Fun Bus visit this week! Fun Bus is a school bus with the seats removed and the interior space completely covered in gross motor-friendly equipment. 

There were bars to hang from...

 ...slides to slide down...

...baskets to shoot...

 ...trampolines to jump on...

 ...and rope swings!

 When our session was over we took a shortcut to get out - through the back of the bus! We each took a turn to slide down the slide and out of the bus. See you next time, Fun Bus!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sports and Obstacle Course with Kitah Alef Camp

 This week Kitah Alef had a special treat! We went to the third building for Sports with Morah Stephanie. There was an obstacle course set up for us. There were rings to walk through and bridges to climb over.
The children pretended to drive the bus while singing The Wheels on the Bus.

 We also had a gigantic parachute that we through up and down. At one point the children took turns climbing inside and we carried them around in it.

Yona is laughing as he helps the parachute to go up and down.

 There was a trampoline for jumping on and a large open space to run around in.
Sela climbs across the bridge without any help! Way to go Sela!

 Everyone had a turn trying out the various obstacles and learning to balance while walking and or jumping across.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Shavuot Fun

              This week, we have been learning all about the holiday of Shavuot. Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai, which we celebrate every year on the Hebrew date of Vav Sivan.
               Kitah Gimmel knows all about Shavuot. We've learned about the Torah and how much Hashem loves us.
            In the photo above, we are experiencing the concept of the "special gift" that Hashem gave us, the Torah.
              Music was playing, as we passed the gift around the circle, and when the music stopped, whoever was holding the gift got to rip off the top layer of wrapping paper. Under most of the layers, there was a lollipop for that child to keep. 

             Finally, once we got to the final layer, we tried to guess what was inside.               
Evan: I think it's a really really big lollipop!
Caleb: It's a really big toy!
             We all agreed it was a lot of fun.
             Caleb opened the last layer and we discovered the biggest present of all. The Torah! Inside all of that wrapping paper was a toy Torah.
             "What present did Hashem give us?" I asked the class. 
             "The Torah!" they yelled excitedly!

             It has been a great first week in Kitah Gimmel. We've had so much fun learning about our special gift, the Torah, and preparing for the holiday of Shavuot!

(Below is a song about Shavuot, and the giving of the Torah, that we are learning in Kitah Gimmel.)

Hashem Gave Us a Present:
Hashem gave us a present,
do you know what is was?
He gave us the Torah,
so we could keep it's laws.
He asked the other nations,
"Do you want this gift of mine?"
But, they said, "no thank you!"
For Torah, there's no time.

Then to Bnei Yisroel, 
Hashem did go.
We said "Naaseh V'Nishma,"
because we love Hashem so.
Then to Bnei Yisroel, 
Hashem did go.
We said "Naaseh V'Nishma,"
because we love Hashem so.
Have a happy Holiday! Chag Samayach!


Kitah Gimmel!