Friday, January 13, 2017

KDH's Trip to the High Museum

I came into the class today wearing a lab coat. Henia asked me, "Why are you wearing that?" I asked her, "What do you think?" Henia replied, "You probably want to paint." "Absolutely," I answered. Everyone commented, "Just like Eric Carle!" Of the many interesting things we saw and learned yesterday, one was a picture of Eric Carle painting, using a broom. He was wearing a lab coat. Both the broom and lab coat were on display. Dovid modeled our child size lab coats (old white dress shirts) and Morah Sara brought in a broom for us to paint with next week. 

The tour at the museum began with our docent, Miss Beth pointing out that an artist had designed the museum itself. The children found squares, circles and triangles in the building.

On display in the special Eric Carle exhibit, were his original illustrations. Ms. Beth gave us some background to a few of the books and the children played a scavenger hunt game that we brought, trying to find the pictures displayed that they had on their paper.

We visited the African gallery. Yoni liked the headdress and mask best of all at the museum.

We saw a few other art works. Below is huge bowl shaped art work made with hundreds of triangular shaped mirrors. Besides for the beautiful reflections, if you stand in front of in and talk, you will hear an echo!

The visit ended with an art workshop, which Cassie thought was the best part of the outing. We used color stix to make rubbings and then cut out Eric Carle type painted papers to copy pictures of animals.

We noticed that Eric Carle, like us, draws self-portraits. His has a butterfly coming out of his head. 

Max, Henia and Ari Shacham were joyous in the elevators, as we went up and down to the different parts of the museum.

Back at school the children shared what they enjoyed most on the field trip. Noa liked everything. Hannah liked the art in the galleries that we visited. Dovid liked matching Eric Carle's illustrations with those on his paper. Ari Effron, Freeda ,Ruth, Cassie and Sam mentioned the art project. The car ride with friends is always a highlight. Reed, Max and Pearl and Ruth thought that was the most fun. Levi found the docent, Miss Beth, very interesting. Henia was intrigued by Eric Carle's lab coat. 

Shaya summed up all our feelings when he said, "This was the best day ever!" Izzy added, "A field trip with all my friends is so much fun!"

Morah Ruth
Morah Sara

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcoming Winter

We have been welcoming the colder winter days with new items and activities in our classroom. There are... sensory bottles - sparkly night and day, rain, and snow...

 ...sensory snow bags...

...snow sensory bin with woodland animals...

...winter-themed manipulatives like tongs and cotton balls,

and Qtips through small holes...

...winter art using Qtips and white paint...

...and fun winter characters on the wall! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We're Back, and Loving It . . .

(Somehow or other, we sense that this blog posting is a continuation of a theme:  how do we describe a day in the life of Kitah Gimmel?  Below is a visual and textual accounting of our return to IJP after our long winter break.)
     After the Break, we noticed many new items in our room.

     Evan entered the room, saw a new puzzle, and said, "I want to do this!"  He sat down and completed the puzzle without any assistance.  Then he went to the Art Table to investigate the supplies.  Caleb sat there, too.

     "Morah India," Caleb said, "Can you write my mom's name on my paper?"  As Morah India writes it, we tell him how to spell it:  L-I-S-A.  Yannai then arrives at the Art Table and begins to work with the group.

     Sammy also sits at Art table.  She creates a three-dimensional structure with toilet paper rolls taped to a piece of paper. The Morahs think it's the first time Sammy's made something like this in class.    Annabelle tries out the new plastic stencil, and immediately she's successful with making designs.

     Lily sat at the table with our new porcelain ceramic tea set.  The Kitah Gimmel children had painted the set during Winter Camp.  Anslee and Sammy join in, too;  there's always room for more.  Lily called out, "We're having a tea party!  Hey, this is a mango.  I'm pretending this is a mango!"

     Later, Lily and Maddy went to investigate the new wooden dollhouse.  Our new Kitah Gimmel girl, Natalie, joined them.  Earlier, Caleb and Evan had warmly welcomed Natalie, giving her a tour of our room. Now she joins the group at the dollhouse. There's room for three at this table.  With three children working together, there's plenty of good conversation--and plenty of room to move around the pieces to dramatize a good story.
     Natalie then noticed the goop on one of the tables.

     "Can I do this?" Natalie asks the Morahs.
     "Sure," we tell her, "You can use the spoons or forks in it."
     "I don't want the spoons or forks," Natalie tells us.
     We tell her,  "That's okay, feel free to use your hands."  And she does--it's messy, but fun.
     Annabelle gets involved with the goop, too.  "What's this?" she asks.  "Goop," we tell her, "with some rocks in it."  Morah Susan reminds Annabelle about the tiger-eye rocks that they played with during their home visit in August.  "These are also rocks, but different than the tiger-eyes."

     Becker sits at the table with Natalie.  He's working with two small glass bowls, some colored liquid and a pipette.  "Look, I got it to the top!"  Earlier, he had practiced squeezing the pipette to transfer the liquid from one bowl to the other.  It wasn't all that easy filling up that little bulb at the top of the pipette.  Now, Becker does it like a pro.

     Morah Donna then arrived.  She was delivering mail to our room!  Several weeks ago, Anslee had mailed us a postcard from her trip to South Africa.  Finally, the card is here.  We look at the pictures on the card. Caleb wonders if that's a tiger on the card.  Evan asks, "Where's the cheetah?"  Sammy asks Anslee, "Did you see any monkeys?" Anslee tells us that her mommy had colored the little drawing of the airplane on the back of the postcard.

     Lily and Anslee head off to the Painters' Porch.  Lily paints a flower, a sun and a park.  The Morah labels her picture with the words, and Lily calls out:  "F-F-F-Flower!"  Later, she tells us, "I made green!  I mixed blue and yellow together!"
     Anslee drops her brush by mistake.  It falls to the floor and makes quite a puddle.  What can we do?  Anslee fetches two paper towels--she doesn't need the Morah to help!  Natalie comes along.  She also wants to paint.  The Morah asks, "Natalie, do you need Anslee to stand here for a minute while you get settled, to make sure you don't stand in the paint puddle by mistake?"  "No," Natalie tells us, "I'll be fine, I'll be careful."

     It was an easy-going morning.  Some of our friends hadn't come back from vacation yet, and we miss them.  Ezra comes back the following day, telling us about his trip to Disney World.  Yinon went skiing, and he saw the President in Washington, D.C.!  Annika wasn't feeling well, so she was home.
     Annabelle is the Bikur Cholim helper this week.  She reminds the Morah, "Call Annika!"  We do, but she's sleeping.  We leave a message for her, we sing our Get Well Quick song:
                                                Refuah Shelemah, Refuah Shelemah,
                                                Get well, quick--don't be sick,
                                                Refuah Shelemah, Refuah Shelemah,
                                                Get well, quick--don't be sick.

     At the end of the day, Evan asks if we can do the Maccabee March, Everyone Can be a Maccabee.  This, along with Drey, Little Dreidel, were favorite movement activities during Chanukah.  It's no longer Chanukah, but Evan has asked so sweetly, we can't help but agree.  So we stand, Evan takes the lead, and we do the Maccabee March.

We're happy to be back! 
Morah Susan, Morah India and the Kitah Gimmel Yeledim


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Morning, I love Tuesday!

     We decided to make our own Play-Doh this morning during Arrival Time.  We've done this before, but it's been awhile.  We added some glitter paint to make it brighter and more festive--it will be our special Chanukah dough.
     We had some of our own ideas about the preparation:
  Evan:  Don't waste! (We were careful with the ingredients.)
  Annika:  There are two bubbles!
  Lily:  No, there are 40 bubbles!
  Sammy:  Let's add oil, no sugar.
     Then the conversation at the table changed:
  Sammy:  What day is it today?
  Morah Susan:  Tuesday.
  Evan:  I love Tuesday!
     Caleb came over with his homemade binoculars.  Evan had also made some binoculars from toilet paper rolls earlier in the morning.  Both children had looked out over Monroe Drive from the windows in the Painters' Porch.  
  Caleb:  Can I bring this home?
  Morah Susan:  Yes!  The binoculars are yours to keep.
     Back to the Play-Doh making:
  Becker:  The water is making it wetter.  We need more dry ingredients!
     We finished the dough, but what was going on behind us, in the Puppet Theater?  Yannai and Yinon were reenacting last week's tornado watch.  They were squatting, ducking down low, and calling out . . .
  Yannai, Yinon:  A storm!  A storm!

     A lot goes on the morning.  Below are some more photos from our morning, Tuesday morning.  Tuesday?  I love Tuesday!

Happy Chanukah!
Morah Susan and Morah India and the yeledim of Kitah Gimmel

Friday, December 9, 2016

A Special Visitor in Kitah Bet - 3 Day

Kitah Bet - 3 day had an art filled morning with a very special visitor, Claire Peck, Shane Kalish's grandma, AKA "Mimi".

Mimi, a retired art teacher, came to visit our class and do an art project with us. First she introduced the project by reading us the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom:

Then we moved to the tables and Mimi showed us the paint sticks we would use. The paints sticks were a new material for us. Mimi explained that she chose them because they dry very quickly. 

Mimi showed us how to use the paints to make a line, a squiggle or a shape.

All the children chose a colored piece of paper and we talked about letters and which letter their name starts with. The Morahs used painters tape to make everyone's first initial on their paper. This was good practice of letter recognition. Then we decorated the paper with lines, squiggles and shapes using the paint sticks. We tried to fill up as much of the paper as possible, especially the space outlining the letter. 

Then we got to choose 4 baubles for the corners, our options were pom poms, buttons or gems. We glued them onto the corners. 

Mimi and the Morahs peeled off the painters tape slowly and suddenly, we could see the first letter of our names'. It seemed magical!

Thank you Meme for visiting our class and doing art with us. Please come again! 

We love having special guests.
Would you like to be a special guest in KB-3?

Morah Leah Sollish