Friday, July 22, 2016


Everything in our world has a bit of science in it, so the more we know about science the better we understand what's around us. Since we are exploring nature, we thought what better to learn about then a very important creature around us every day: The Earthworm!
Yeah we know what an earthworm looks like, but what would it be like to actually get to see these guys up close and personal? We all anticipated what we were about to see!

 At first, these worms looked pretty normal, just crawling around in the dirt. Once we started to look a little closer with our lab equipment, we saw a whole other world.

 Some of us got really familiar with these decomposer creatures. And now we know what a decomposer is, its an animal or plant that breaks down stuff in the ground to give back nutrients to the soil!

  It was really neat holding the worms, and counting the rings on their bodies, and seeing which ones were the longest.

 The worms would crawl into the light of the flashlight, they were going towards the heat it made!

 These guys have a very interesting life getting to crawl and explore all around are gardens and playgrounds making the soil full of things that the flowers, plants, and trees love and need to grow. Thanks Earthworms, you make our world even more beautiful!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Kitah Gimmel Moon Lesson

The Night Sky Unit:  Week 6

This week Kitah Gimmel learned about the things we see in the night sky.  As we studied creation this week, the children discovered that Ha'Shem created night and day.  Therefore, we focused on the night sky, because the night sky holds many mysteries to discover!  We discussed what children know about the moon.  Becker told the class, "The ones that are half (referring to the moon) are called crescents."  I then asked, "Why does the moon change it's shape?"  Students replied in the following ways.  Lily said, "Because of the planet."  Yannai said, "It gets bigger, bigger, and bigger.  It moves."  Evan said, "And we are spinning so slow we can''t even see it."  Annabelle wore a shirt with a peace sign on it and Lily came up to her and said, "It's a moon!".

We read a book called, The Moon Seems to Change, and talked about how we live on the planet earth, which has 1 moon.  Lily mentioned, "I don't see the earth because I'm in it!"  We discussed how the earth spins so slowly that we can't see it spinning.  I asked Caleb to stand up and pretend to be the earth and Lily as the moon.  I spun Caleb around and asked him if at some point he could only see part of Lily.  I told the children that it is why some nights we only see part of the moon, for example, a crescent moon or half moon.  Later that day, we made moon rocks by combining baking soda, food coloring, glitter and water.  The children had fun playing with the squishy, sparkly moon sand!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Preschool Rocks!

Sometimes rocks can be a little intimidating. They're hard, dirty, and they could easily hurt someone if thrown. But when we look beyond those minor bumps, we see a world of opportunity for learning and creating. We can dig them up, paint them, create shapes and symbols, and the students can dream up all sorts of games to play using just rocks!  Some rocks can go home with the children, others will stay for the entire school to enjoy.  Rocks are fun, stay tuned to all of our fun rock updates!

Here we have a rock wash.  The children are using sponges and strainers to filter out the rocks and clean them up for our activities to come. 

Painting rocks for the playground is an activity everyone enjoys.  What's even more exciting is finding that rock you painted under a pile of wood chips!

Pick up rocks, similar to pick-up-sticks, without disturbing any rock other than the one you choose! This keeps everyone involved, watching to see if the pile moves or not.  Some kept count the entire time while others immediately started creating designs with their rocks. 

Pearl made a key!

"S" is for Sammy.

Brother and sister made a smiley face :)

Our rock train is TEN students long! 

This is Rock, he's our friend!! He has googly eyes and silly yarn for hair!  

Friday, July 1, 2016

KDH Science ALIVE: Watching our Garden Grow

Encouraging our natural observation abilities, our class enjoy learning about animals in their natural habitat while having loads of fun.
Daily we observe our playground garden, discovering new insects and seeing how the plants change and grow.

By drawing what we see in our science notebook, we know exactly how the garden and plants are changing from week to week.

We Take measurements of our plants height and the size of the leaves so we know how much the plants grow each week.

KDH is getting really good at measuring things.

On Wednesday it rained so much, and we recorded 4 inches of water in one day!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Baby Bird

 Morah Myriam found a baby bird that had fallen from a nest. We put it in a basket with a blanket so it would be comfortable.
                               The children came to see the bird. Leora: "Birdie! Birdie!"
                            The little bird tried to fly a little but wasn't quite strong enough.
     We gave the bird a little mushed up clementine and apples. Baby bird liked the clementine.

 Levy came over to see the bird too. Morah: "We have to be very gentle with the little bird."

 More children crowded around the basket to see the baby bird. Everyone was very curious.
 The baby bird perched on Morah Myriam's hand. Logan wanted to pet the bird and was very gentle.

 Ana-Chaya also had a turn petting baby bird. And then Levy and Sela came over to see.

 Everyone pointed to baby bird. We decided it was time to find baby's Mommy and Daddy bird.

 After all the children had turns petting the little bird, Morah Myriam spotted birdies' Father who had some food for the little guy. Morah Myriam let baby bird go and he flew away. :-)