Friday, February 10, 2017

Once Upon a Time There Was a Tree.. (KB-5)

In honor of Tu B'Shvat- the birthday of the trees, we decided to start the children off with a sentence starting a story about a tree, and see where it would go and what they would come up with. We did it in two separate groups so there are two stories. Here are our stories: can you tell we've been learning about trees, weather, and animals recently? 

Once upon a time there was a tree

Zoey: “It got broken”
Logan: “They cut it”
Rafi: “Then it fell down”
Maddy: “Then the leaves fell down”
Menny: “The grey clouds went up and it rained on the tree”
Rafi: “And the rain fell on the tree”
Zoey: “And it made a puddle”
Maddy: “We need rainboots and umbrellas”
Rafi: “The rain made the tree grow and it was fixed”
Zoey: “And then it was sunny”
Maddy: “We need sunglasses”
Zoey: “And a hat”
Zoey: “Fruit started growing on the tree”
Sylvia: “Apples, and pears grow on the tree
Maddy: “And oranges”
Menny: “And blueberries”
Rafi: “And nuts”
Logan: “And red apples”

The end

Once upon a time there was a tree…

Emmett: “The leaves were falling down and then the trees had a birthday”
Avraham Chaim: “They had a cake”
Emmett: “It was made out of tree”
Eli Lipskier: “The children were in the tree and they played with the animals”
Eli S: “I have a penguin at my house”
Avraham Chaim: “I have a giant panda”
Avraham Chaim: “The squirrels ate all of the cake, and then they ate squirrel food and went back to the tree.

The end

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kitah Alef and Their Alef Bet Letters

We have started something new in Kitah Alef! During circle time, we sing a song to acknowledge who is here in school each day and who's at home. When saying hello to each child, Morah Rena hands out a wooden disk with a picture of the child. On the other side of the disk is the first letter of that child's Hebrew name. After singing the Alef Bet, everyone waits in anticipation for it to be their turn to match their Hebrew letter to its equivalent on our newly posted Alef Bet chart. The children in Kitah Alef are quite proud and excited about their Hebrew letters. We're really getting to know our letters and those of our friends!

Singing Alef Bet

  "Yud" for Yonah Baruch

 "Alef" for Asher Yonah

  "Lamed" for Leora Shai

  "Alef" for Adom Yosef

 "Alef" for Orli Raquel

  "Yud" for Yaakov/Jacob (Mason)

  "Reish" for Rami (Parker)

  "Samach" for Sela Chaia

 "Alef" for Elie Micha (Elliot)

 "Mem" for Mina

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's Not Trash, It's Treasure

     After our Winter Break, we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of our outdoor blocks.  With these blocks, we can create an infinite amount of building designs.  We work in groups, and sometimes individually.  It's our choice.  The best thing?  The knobs and holes fit together perfectly, so our structures are sturdy.  (Above, Yinon and Becker work on their construction.)
     The wooden blocks had been packed with white Styrofoam cubes.  The blocks arrived in perfect condition, protected by the Styrofoam cubes.  We could have thrown the packing cubes in the garbage, but no way--they are perfect to use in our room!  (Above, Evan and Becker stack the cubes.)
    Becker and Annika practice stacking and balancing the cubes.   We take turns.  (Below, Evan joins in.)
     Below: Our play-people showed up on the blocks, too.  Is that a Frank Lloyd Wright house we've made? Anslee, Sammy, Lily and Yannai join Becker as they place the play-people on different levels of the "house."
     Natalie, Annika, Sammy and Becker spread out the blocks. Later, our blocks became chairs! We sat on them very, very carefully!

     We switch out the designs.  Everyone had an opinion.  We enjoyed using our blocks.  Perhaps they were destined for the trashcan, but they weren't trash--we had found so many ways to use them!

     We had had earlier experiences with "trash."  There was some outdated printer paper in our kitchen.  It was the perfect paper for our group painting activities.  (Below, Annabelle and Anslee watercolor during Morning Arrival.)

Sammy stands by watching as her friends paint.
Caleb, Evan and Yannai work together on their printer-paper mural.
     Looks like more trash?  Toilet paper rolls are very popular art supplies.  We always find another way to use them.  (Did you know that you could actually buy these? Empty toilet paper rolls, without toilet paper?  Amazing!)

     Costco has the best boxes.  They're piled up in the store, but they're not trash! Our Morahs brought one in to use with our toy cars.  Instead, it became a piece of art as we painted together on its surface. We like to reuse materials.
     Sometimes we re-purpose our supplies.  One thing becomes another thing.  Sammy works on a counting game with a muffin tin that a Morah brought it from her kitchen.
     And sometimes nothing becomes something.  This empty space, behind the open doors, has turned into an elevator, a store and a bakery.  There's a lot of dramatic play here!
     (Above, Morah India joins the fun as this space becomes an "elevator.")
     And, one child's "trash" can become our treasure!  Over the Winter Break, this Melissa and Doug wooden house showed up at a thrift store.  Our Morah snapped it up!  It's one of our new favorite go-to Morning Activities.
     (Pictured:  Natalie, Yannai and Maddy enjoying the "new" wooden house.)
     With Tu B'Shvat, the Birthday of the Trees,  right around the corner, it makes perfect sense to consider our environment.  HaShem creates a beautiful world for us.  When we reuse and re-purpose our belongings, we show respect for the world around us.

Kitah Gimmel

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dad's Day in Kitah Alef

To prepare for Dad's Day we made a special treat - cupcakes! First we mixed the ingredients together.

After they were taken out of the oven and iced, we carefully sprinkled on some colorful sprinkles.

On Wednesday our special visitors arrived! In the kitchen there was an art project to do together - decorating picture frames with stamps.

Another station was peanut butter and jelly sandwich-making for those in need.

Then we gathered together for a special circle time featuring Dad songs!

After circle time we washed our hands and trooped to the kitchen where we finally tasted the cupcakes we made in honor of our special guests.

We went outside to play a bit with our visitors and say our goodbyes.
What a wonderful Dad's Day we had! Thanks for joining!

The Little Yellow Ladybug (KB-5)

One beautiful warm winter Wednesday,
A little yellow ladybug decided to come out and play. 
It was spotted by Leah G who said: "Everyone look here!"
And soon everyone came running from far and from near.
"Let's put it on a leaf," said Morah sensibly 
"This way we can all look at it and everyone can see."

Emmett asked if he can hold the leaf so carefully.
Eli Sollish looked on in interest, but a little nervously.
 Rafi held up Leo so he too can see the new find.
Menny loved to look, but only from a few steps behind.

The children gathered round to examine our new friend,
Eli L said: "Look! It has spots all around and even on its end."
Levi said: "Woah!" And we all quite agreed.
Maddy took a good look and noticed it had wings

Sylvia exclaimed "It's yellow and it's black!" 
Things to discover about this insect were not in lack. 

Then we noticed our friend Ben looked a bit blue,
We had an idea- we knew just what to do!
We brought the ladybug over- we brought it right near,
We brought it right over and brought some smiles and cheer!
We then showed it to Gabi who giggled and laughed
We showed it to lots of friends- who all admired it with a gasp. 

We had lots of fun and got to examine it real close
And then we decided to leave it be, and let it return to whichever place it likes most
"Goodbye little ladybug! Thanks for coming to see us!" We called out then. 
"Thanks for bringing us smiles! And we hope you come again!"